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Trident Medium Xtra Premium Resistance Band – 32mm (20 – 40kg)


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Trident Resistance Bands are a premium quality fitness band for full body exercises. Made in a specialist factory from 100% natural latex.

Why are Trident Bands Priced Higher? 
Many lower priced bands are not made of natural latex and are comparatively thinner, and lose their shape/resistance quickly. Trident bands are made through a multi-dip process, ensuring our bands offer exceptional long-term performance. 

Quality Assurance

  1. Trident bands go through 12,000 fatigue tensile tests 
  2. Can stretch up to 300% without deforming
  3. Long term use does not cause bands to easily lose their elasticity
  4. Passed European and American Tests (RoHS, Reach, CA65, SGS) for material integrity, chemical levels safety and product quality. 

Choosing your Trident Band
Different thicknesses of the flexible bands create higher or lower resistance levels. Beginners should use lighter , easier bands and perform basic exercises to get used to the added resistance posed by the bands. This is also to avoid any unwanted injuries.

Technical Details
Thickness: 4.5 mm
Length: 2080 mm 
Width: 29 mm 
Weight Resistance: 18 – 36 kg (40-80 lbs)

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