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Trident Dimpled Yoga Roller - Blue
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Trident Dimpled Yoga Roller - Blue

Featuring Kuckrejas own brand of Trident Yoga Equipment and our newest Yoga Roller - Dimpled
  • Made from environmentally friendly EVA foam
  • Ideal for deep tissue massage, rehabilitation, injury prevention and maintainance 
  • The low dimple points provide a softer massage compared to our Trident Yoga Roller - Textured
  • Needs to be changed once softened to ensure functionality
  • Measuring 15 x 45 cm

Buying Yoga Equipment Online can often be tricky and confusing as there are loads of choices and qualities. Here's a quick insight into the material that goes into foam rollers: 

EVA - Ethylene Vinyl Acetate;

EVA is an excellent shock absorbing material. Lightweight, long lasting and hard wearing. EVA is pricier than EPP and PE, but is suitable for long term use. It does have a slight ' spongy' feel to it - so its ideal for users who do not want a super hard / super firm yoga roller. 

PE - Polyethylene;

When searching the internet for yoga rollers online, it's important to look for a PE yoga roller which is made from 'one piece'. Cheaper rollers are made from a two-piece construciton, and this will shorten the life span of said roller. 

By looking at the side / ends of the roller, if there is an ' inner ' and ' outer ' circle  - this is a two piece roller. 

Two-piece yoga rollers are also softer and are more suitable for beginners.

EPP - Expanded Polypropylene;

This is a new type of roller, which looks like tightly pressed polystyrene balls. These yoga rollers are very, very firm and have been designed for moderate to intense use.

All Trident Yoga Rollers are made from EVA Foam


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