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Trident Advanced Yoga Roller Bundle
Trident Advanced Yoga Roller Bundle

Single SetProduct AvailableStock StatusIn Stock - Item in stock ready for immediate dispatch. Click for more info. RM109.00

Trident Advanced Yoga Roller Bundle

Save 22% on our Trident Simple Yoga Roller Bundle, and get Free Shipping in Malaysia! 

A well balanced set for anyone looking to stay fit, without spending too much money.

Trident Home Fitness Bundles have been carefully curated to offer affordable ways to stay fit at home. The Trident Advanced Yoga Roller Bundle includes:

1 x Trident Master Premium Textured Yoga Roller (Black)
1 x Trident Resistance Band - 32mm Medium (Black)
1 x Trident Fitness Band - Hard (Green)

Trident Master Dimple Yoga Roller

Trident Master Rollers are premium quality, Textured Yoga Rollers. Our Yoga Rollers use a high quality ABS inner which is much stronger and longer lasting than PVC

All Trident Yoga Rollers will no longer be shrink wrapped in plastic - saving thousands of plastic bags. All Rollers are packed in a Ready-To-Ship brown carton. 

Size - 33 x 14 cm

Trident Latex Resistance Band 

32mm - Medium. Versatile, Lightweight and adaptable to almost any exercise - it's the easiest and most diverse way to stay fit at home.

Size - 4.5mm x 2080mm x 21mm (Weight Resistance 20 to 40kg)

Trident Hard Fitness Band 

Suitable for leg and arm toning exercises. Ideal for light fitness or rehabilitation. Different thicknesses of the flexible bands create higher or lower resistance levels. Made from 100% natural latex. The Simple Fitness Bundle comes with an Easy Fitness Latex Band.

    Size - 0.50mm x 1500mm x 100mm with a Resistance of up to 7kg 



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