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Trident Milestone All in One Soft Plyo Box


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Trident All in One Soft Plyo Jump Boxes are really versatile and are perfect for increasing your power and speed. The 3 Height design means you can mix up your routine and up the level as you go. Used for jumping as well as incline and decline training.


  • Perfect for introducing plyometrics into your workouts
  • Made from 18kg m3 EPE Foam – Offering an excellent balance between stability and softness
  • Rip Proof Heavy Duty Tarpaulin Cover
  • Soft landing surface absorbs impact – eases shock and decreases stress on ankles, knees and hips
  • Reduces risk of injury to shins if you miss
  • Develop speed, strength and explosive power
  • Easily wipes clean
  • Important: plyo boxes should not be used on smooth surfaces unless they are positioned against a wall where they cannot slip
  • Measurements: 30" / 76cm and 24" / 61cm and 20" / 51cm
  • Approximate Weight: 6kg


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