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Trident Master Hybrid Match Football – Red (Size 4)


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SKU: 400-0024 4 RED


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The Trident Master Hybrid Football is our most popular ball. Using our special Aircel Technology, the Master balls are hand stitched with unopenable knots, before using a special adhesive is used to seal the panels. By sealing the panels ;

  1. Stitches are protected from abrasion – ensuring the ball has a longer lifespan
  2. Prevents water uptake into the ball – ensuring weight and performance remains consistent
  3. Allows the ball to fly more smoothly and freely


The Master offers premium quality construction, technology and performance. With our exclusive 4.5mm foam backing, it is unbeatable as a match ball.

  • Outer – 1.00mm Premium Quality PU
  • Bladder – Superior Taiwan Butyl Bladder with Thread Winding
  • Backing – Exclusive 4.5mm Foam Backing – 2mm EVA + 1 Ply Poly-Cotton + 2.5mm EVA Foam
  • Finish – Glossy Dimpled Texture for Added Softness
  • Official Weight – 360 to 390g
  • Official Size – 64.00 to 66.00cm
  • Size 4 Footballs are commonly used for Ages 9 to 14

Trident Hybrid Balls are shipped out partially deflated. Do please inflate the ball before use.

The ball is supplied without any ball pins. Please ensure a high quality inflating needle is used the valve is well lubricated with Glycerin or Silicon Oil before inserting the needle to avoid any future issues with the valve.

Do please pump the ball to the recommended Psi to ensure the bladder inflates correctly and performs in it's intended manner. Hybrid Balls cannot be fully flattened like Handstitched Balls, to avoid damaging the sealed seams. 

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