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Obut RCX

The Obut Petanque RCX has been developed with new technology anti-bounce stainless steel. Entirely conceived for the modern game, the RCX is a top-range competition boule. With it's incomprable ability to absorb shock and deaden impact - particularly when playing with a "plombe" high lobbing technique on a very hard ground - and it's minimal recoil during a "plein fer" direct hit lobbed stun shot, the new stainless steel has excellent qualities which have won over the approval of petanque champions. 
  • Made from New Technology Stainless Steel
  • Smoked bronze on soft shot-peened finish
  • Sold as a set of three boules
  • Made in France 

Ideal for:
(a) Shooters: On-the-Iron
(b) Pointers: High Lobbed - On ground covered with alot of stones, he must lob his boule high to get near the jack while not rolling much 
(c) Difficult Ground - Hard, very bouncy ground, covered with a lot of crushed stone to prevent boules from rolling 

Hardness of a Boule ( The Match Plus is + ) 

About Boule Hardness:
  1. The softer the petanque boule is, the less it bounces on hard ground. It will also recoil less when performing a high lob 
  2. The Hardness + boule is best for an attacking player
  3. Good players and good shooters perfer softer boules
  4. Amateur players like a half-soft boule ( known as the general purpose boule) 

Steel Quality

There are two different qualities of boule steel 
  1. Solid Stainless Steel is the top of the range, allows longer life and provides the "soft feel" of stainless steel
  2. Coated Carbon Steel provides a rougher feel, and the chrome/black coating gradually wears off with use from friction

  • for men: 700 - 730gr
  • for women 680 - 710gr 

Pointers prefer a weight between 710-730 because a heavy boule stops faster
Shooters prefer a weight between 680-700 because with a lighter boule, less effort is required and the shots are more precise

Striations / Stripes / Lines
  • Pointers prefer a boule with striations / lines because it provides better grip
  • Shooters prefer a smooth boule because it does not "catch" the hand

Diameter of the Boule


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