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Grays G600 Dyneema Hockey Stick - Black

Looking for Classic Grays Hockey sticks? Through an exclusive arrangement with Grays UK, Kuckreja has managed to stock a wide range of Classic Grays Sticks.

All sticks in this range are certified to have been checked for their outstanding reliability, and usability. All grips are new, and stickers are still intact, with zero to minimal blemishes. 

​Remember the days when a hockey stick lasted 10 years? We get to relive those days once more, with the Grays Heritage Series, by Kuckreja.

Designed for highly competitive play for the most demanding players the Grays G600 Hockey Stick. By adding Carbon with Dyneema®, you will create an ultimate feel, while maintaining the maximum power. the stick offers just that extra feeling. In addition, the Carbon with Dyneema® has a shock-absorbing effect which reduces vibrations.

The Lowbackhand Zone (LBZ) was one of the early inventions which brought about the mass adoption of reverse stick shooting. 

Special reinforcement fibres technology of the Grays Xtra-Tech, for exceptional power transfer

Interlock head construction for extra, long lasting head durability

Hard wearing Grays "Heel Reinforcement Zone" to five added protection against the effect of synthetic pitches

Airbrush quality paint finish

Fibreglass tubular braid reinforcement 

Reliable performance level wooden hockey stick

Used by some of the most recognisable faces in Malaysian Hockey - Mirnawan Nawawi, Maninderjit Singh, Nor Saiful Zaini, Gobinathan, Logan Raj to name a few. 

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