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Kuckreja has been the Official Sole Distributors for Harrows Darts in Malaysia and Brunei since 1989. Browse our full range of Harrows Soft Tip Darts, Steel Tip, Darts Accessories and Harrows Dart Boards available at our online dart store.

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Harrows Carbon Plus Shafts

Harrows Clic Flight - Aqua

Harrows Clic Flight - Black

Harrows Clic Flight - Blue

Harrows Clic Flight - Clear

Harrows Clic Flight - Orange

Harrows Clic Flight - Pink

Harrows Clic Flight - Red

Harrows Clic Flight - Smokey

Harrows Clic Flight - White

Harrows Pro Choice Complete Darts Set
Harrows Saru King Soft Tip
Harrows Ace Case Wallet - Black
Harrows Ace Case Wallet - Grey

Harrows Aluminium Conversion Points

Harrows Atomic Dart Flights
Harrows Aura Soft Tip - Style A
Harrows Aura Soft Tip - Style C

Harrows Big Zipper Dart Wallet

Harrows Black Box Dart Case

Harrows Bottle Opener Keyring

Harrows Buzz Wallet

Harrows Carbon Flights

Harrows Clic Slim Shaft - Aqua

Harrows Clic Slim Shaft - Black

Harrows Clic Slim Shaft - Blue

Harrows Clic Slim Shaft - Clear

Harrows Clic Slim Shaft - Orange

Harrows Clic Slim Shaft - Pink

Harrows Clic Slim Shaft - Red

Harrows Clic Slim Shaft - Smokey

Harrows Clic Slim Shaft - White

Harrows Clic Standard Shaft - Aqua

Harrows Clic Standard Shaft - Black

Harrows Clic Standard Shaft - Blue

Harrows Clic Standard Shaft - Clear

Harrows Clic Standard Shaft - Orange

Harrows Clic Standard Shaft - Red

Harrows Clic Standard Shaft - Smokey

Harrows Clic Standard Shaft - White

Harrows Dimplex Flights

Harrows Dimplex Flights (2)

Harrows Dimplex Marathon Flights

Harrows Dimplex Wallet

Harrows Diva Flights
RM6.00 RM4.00

Harrows Extractor Tool

Harrows Flight Protectors

Harrows Flight Punch