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Gray Nicolls Velocity XP1 - 400 (Mid Range Willow)
Gray Nicolls Velocity XP1 - 400 (Mid Range Willow)

Gray Nicolls Velocity XP1 - 400 (Mid Range Willow)

A brand new bat in the 2018 Gray Nicolls Series, the Velocity XP1 400 Cricket Bat. Designed to maximise power-to-weight ratio for the best possible pick up. It's concave sculpting redistributes weight to create an optimal mid-blade sweet spot. 

In a time when power is key, the Velocity XP1 is designed to provide it in abundance. A visually intimidating bat which is precision crafted to be beautigully balanced, offering players the confidence to take on any challenge.

Please be advised that we are unable to phystically weigh individual bats. We are also unable to guarantee the nymber of grains the blade of a bat might have. 

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