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Looking for Track & Field Discus online? Kuckreja stocks a range of ABS, rubber and wooden discus suitable for school or tournament use. Our range is made under the Trident marque, or if you're looking for IAAF Certified equipment - check out our Vinex series.

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Vinex Rubber Discus - 0.50kg

Vinex Rubber Discus - 0.75kg

Vinex Rubber Discus - 1.00kg

Vinex Rubber Discus - 1.25kg

Vinex Rubber Discus - 1.50kg

Trident Wooden Discus - 0.60kg

Trident Wooden Discus - 0.75kg
Trident Wooden Discus - 1.00kg

Trident Wooden Discus - 1.50kg
Trident Wooden Discus - 1.75kg

Trident Wooden Discus - 2.00kg

Vinex Super Wooden Discus - 0.75kg

Vinex Super Wooden Discus - 1.00kg

Vinex Super Wooden Discus - 1.25kg

Vinex Super Wooden Discus - 1.75kg

Vinex Elementary PVC Discus - 400g

Vinex Elementary PVC Discus - 500g

Vinex Elementary PVC Discus - 750g