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Wooden Range


Even in this composite era, many players still prefer the touch and feel of a mulberry head against the ball. Top club players and juniors still continue to choose and prefer wooden sticks to develop their skills. Our new wooden range now features new designs and we have also introduced a new gloss paint finish. Individually handcrafted in our own Grays factory, we continue to use traditional methods of manufacture and use hi-tech reinforcement fibres and resins to give every stick the right level of performance.

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Grays G500 Carbo Classic Hockey Stick

Grays 500i Dynabow

Grays 400i International

Grays Zero Wooden Stick - Blue

Grays Zero Wooden Stick - Orange

Grays Zero Wooden Stick - White
Grays Lazr Wooden Stick - White
Grays Lazr Wooden Stick - Yellow
Grays Lazr Wooden Stick- Green
Grays Revo Wooden Stick - Blue
Grays Revo Wooden Stick - Pink

Grays Revo Wooden Stick - White
Grays Revo Wooden Stick - Yellow