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Kuckreja is the official Sole Distributor for Grays Hockey in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Brunei. We've been selling Grays Hockey equipment in the region since the mid-1950's. Do feel free to browse our complete range of Grays Hockey Sticks, Goalkeeping equipment, Hockey Shoes and other field hockey equipment.

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Grays Cage Hockey Shoe
RM299.00 RM254.15
Grays G800 Shinguard
Grays GR 11000 Probow Extreme
Grays Pro 5X Hockey Glove - Pair

Grays Chamois Overgrip - Black

Grays Chamois Overgrip - Neon Yellow

Grays Chamois Overgrip - Orange

Grays Chamois Overgrip - Pink

Grays Chamois Overgrip - Red

Grays Chamois Overgrip - Royal Blue

Grays Chamois Overgrip - Sky Blue

Grays Chamois Overgrip - Violet

Grays Combo Hockey Bag
RM160.00 RM80.00

Grays Compact Hockey Bag
RM95.00 RM66.50
Grays Cushion Grip - Black
Grays Cushion Grip - Orange

Grays Cushion Grip - Pink

Grays Cushion Grip - Red

Grays Cushion Grip - Royal Blue

Grays Force Hockey Bag

Grays G100 Chest Protector

Grays G100 Goalkeeper Pants

Grays G100 Hand Protector
Grays G100 Legguard & Kickers
Grays G200 Chest Protector

Grays G200 Goalie Jersey

Grays G200 Goalkeeper Pants

Grays G200 Hand Protector

Grays G200 Legguard & Kickers

Grays G200 Shoulder & Arm Guard

Grays G400 Chest Protector

Grays G400 Hand Protector

Grays G400 Legguard & Kickers

Grays G500 Abdominal Guard Men

Grays G500 Abdominal Guard Women

Grays G500 Elbow Guard
Grays G500 Goalie Set For Women

Grays G500 Goalkeeper Pants

Grays G500 Hand Protector

Grays G500 Hockey Bag
RM85.00 RM68.00

Grays G500 Legguard & Kicker
Grays G500 Over Short

Grays G500 Shorts Black

Grays G500 Shorts Navy

Grays G500 Shoulder & Arm Guard

Grays G500 Smock Goalie Jersey

Grays G550 Shorts Black
RM65.00 RM52.00

Grays G550 Shorts Navy
RM65.00 RM52.00