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If you're wondering where to buy darts in Malaysia, look no further than Kuckrejas Online Dart Shop! Our range of Harrows shafts cater to a wide scope of darters. We stock everything from the classic nylon dart shafts, to the more suave aluminium shafts, right up to the modern spinning and rotating Harrows Clic Shaft system.

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Harrows Carbon Plus Shafts

Harrows Clic Slim Shaft - Aqua

Harrows Clic Slim Shaft - Black

Harrows Clic Slim Shaft - Blue

Harrows Clic Slim Shaft - Clear

Harrows Clic Slim Shaft - Orange

Harrows Clic Slim Shaft - Pink

Harrows Clic Slim Shaft - Red

Harrows Clic Slim Shaft - Smokey

Harrows Clic Slim Shaft - White

Harrows Clic Standard Shaft - Aqua

Harrows Clic Standard Shaft - Black

Harrows Clic Standard Shaft - Blue

Harrows Clic Standard Shaft - Clear

Harrows Clic Standard Shaft - Orange

Harrows Clic Standard Shaft - Red

Harrows Clic Standard Shaft - Smokey

Harrows Clic Standard Shaft - White
Harrows Heavy Metal Shafts

Harrows Aztec Shafts -  Red

Harrows Aztec Shafts - Black
Harrows Aztec Shafts - Blue
Harrows Revolver Shafts - Black
Harrows Revolver Shafts - Blue
Harrows Revolver Shafts - Red

Harrows Colette Shafts - Black

Harrows Colette Shafts - Blue

Harrows Colette Shafts - Red

Harrows Supergrip Spin Shaft - Aqua

Harrows Supergrip Spin Shaft - Black

Harrows Supergrip Spin Shaft - Clear

Harrows Supergrip Spin Shaft - Smokey
Harrows Keramic Shafts

Harrows Gyro Shafts - Black

Harrows Gyro Shafts - Red

Harrows Anodised Aluminium Shafts - Black

Harrows Anodised Aluminium Shafts - Blue

Harrows Anodised Aluminium Shafts - Red

Harrows Supergrip Shafts - Aqua

Harrows Supergrip Shafts - Black / Gold

Harrows Supergrip Shafts - Black / Silver

Harrows Supergrip Shafts - Blue

Harrows Supergrip Shafts - Clear

Harrows Supergrip Shafts - Dark Purple

Harrows Supergrip Shafts - Green

Harrows Supergrip Shafts - Orange

Harrows Supergrip Shafts - Pink

Harrows Supergrip Shafts - Purple