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Resistance Training


Looking for the ideal gym equipment to suit your budget and quality needs? Kuckrejas range of Agility and Resistance training has been carefully sourced to ensure long-lasting agility products are enjoyed by customers all across the Southeast Asian region.

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Trident Battle Rope - 38mm x 15M

Trident Battle Rope - 50mm x 15M

Trident Balance Board

Trident Bosu Balance Ball
Trident Calf Stretch Board

Trident Digital Dynamometer
Trident Powerbag - 10kg
Trident Powerbag - 20kg
Trident Powerbag - 5kg

Trident Power Leg Toner

Trident Power Speed Chute
Trident Power Sled

Trident Plyo Box Set

Trident Latex Resistance Band - 21mm (Easy)

Trident Latex Resistance Band - 29mm (Medium)

Trident Latex Resistance Band - 32mm (Medium)

Trident Latex Resistance Band - 45mm (Med-Hard)

Trident Latex Resistance Band - 64mm (Hard)

Trident Fitness Band Ring - Easy (0.7mm)

Trident Fitness Band Ring - Medium (0.9mm)

Trident Fitness Band Ring - Hard (1.2mm)

Trident Fitness Band - Easy (0.25mm)

Trident Fitness Band - Medium (0.35mm)

Trident Fitness Band - Hard (0.50mm)